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What it is

Medianav SkinBuilder is a web application that allows users to create custom Medianav skins.

What it offers

In addition to providing tools for selecting integrated skins, buttons and backgrounds, Medianav SkinBuilder also offers the possibility to upload custom images, helping users to create them.

But this isn't over. The most powerful tool of this application is the visual editor (Preview Screen): it is possible, after selecting (and modifying, if you want) the skin, to see the results directly on your pc without the need to update Medianav every time!
Only when the result convinces you, you can download the skin, build the "upgrade.lgu" file and update Medianav! You will save valuable time!

Edit Skin

Choose a Skin to start. If you like it, that's all.


See your Skin as it will be on Medianav.

Edit Elements

Edit elements and create your own Skin.


Luca Cassani

Creator and Developer


Skins and skin2lgu Creator

Gianluca Archetti

Skins Creator