Help Page

Read the help sections below in order to make the most of Medianav SkinBuilder.

If you have an issue, and you are not able to fix it reading the instructions below, please contact me at:

Login / Register

What can be done

On Login / Register page, you can login to your account or register a new one.

• Login

If you already have an account, insert your email address and password. Then click Login.

• Register

If you don't have an account, after clicking Register, insert your name, your email address and a password. Then click Register button.

Password are stored encrypted in database. No one can decrypt them, since they are encrypted using a one-way algorithm.


What can be done

When you are on the homepage, you can see your User Info on the User Panel, and add or edit your Skins on the Skins Panel.

User Panel

On this panel, you can see your user details. You can edit them, change your password or delete your account by clicking Edit button.

Skins Panel

On this panel, you can add a Skin, or edit it if it already exists, by clicking the Icon near Skin name.
If you click Download button, you will be redirected to Download Page (More Info).

Edit User

What can be done

On Edit User page, you can edit you User Details by clicking Edit Details, change your password by clicking Change Password and delete your Account (including Details and Skins) by clicking Delete Account.

Edit Details

Here you can change your Name. When you alter Name field, Save Details button will appear. Just click it in order to save changes.

Change Password

You can change your Password by inserting your current password and then inserting a new one. When you alter New Password field, Change Password button will appear. Click it to save changes.

Delete Account

You can delete your Account (including your Details and Skins) by clicking the red button Delete Account.

Edit Skin

What can be done

On Edit Skin page, different actions can be done depending on whether the skin exists or not.

If the skin exists...

Top panel

The image above will appear. On the top panel, you can change the Skin name and the Medianav Version. When you alter Name and Version fields, Save Details button will appear. Just click it in order to save changes.
You can select the next/previous skin by clicking the arrows.

Bottom panel

On the bottom panel, you can choose between 3 actions:

Delete: Delete your skin (files and details).

Preview/Edit: Edit your skin and see live results.

Download: Download your skin in order to update Medianav.

Preview / Edit

What can be done

When you are on the Preview / Edit Page, you can see live results of your Skin on Medianav screen shown on the page, without the need to update Medianav. There are two modes: Preview and Edit mode.
You can select them by clicking Preview or Edit buttons. Preview mode is the default one.

• Preview mode

You can see your Skin as it will be on Medianav. Just pass the mouse over the elements in order to see their active state.

• Edit mode

An icon appears near each element. By passing the mouse over it, the element associated will become red. By clicking the same Icon, you can edit that element. Active state of the elements is disabled.

Edit Element

What can be done

On this page, you can edit skin elements. You can download the element bitmap (in order to modify it), upload your custom bitmap or select the bitmap you prefer.

Top panel

On the top panel, on the left, there is the element preview as it will be on Medianav. Pay attention to Dimensions and Transparent fields. By clicking Download, you can download the bitmap shown in the top left corner.
You can upload your own custom bitmap by clicking Upload button, but remember:

The uploaded image must be a bitmap image (.bmp).

The uploaded image must have the dimensions written in Dimensions field.

The uploaded image must not be larger than 1.5 MB.

Support field specifies that only BMP and PNG images are supported.
If your image is BMP, Yellow color - rgb(255,255,0) - will become Transparent on Medianav.
If your image is PNG, alpha channel (Transparency) will be saved.

You can select the next/previous element by clicking the arrows.

Bottom panel

If you don't want to create a bitmap by yourself and upload it, don't worry. You can select an image shown on this panel.

If you select Empty image, the button bitmap will be replaced with an empty bitmap: the associated button won't appear on Medianav.


What can be done

On Download page, you can download your skin files by clicking Download. You can select the next/previous skin by clicking the arrows.
Please, before downloading, read the instructions carefully.

Important notes

Common download issues are listed below. Remember that files downloaded from this website are 100% safe.

Some browsers could block your download. Please ignore these warnings.

Sometimes, when you try to run "clickhere.bat", Windows could show "Windows Smartscreen", which will block this file. Please ignore this warning. Just click "More Info" and select "Run anyway". It will generate "upgrade.lgu" file which is needed to update Medianav.